MAA hosted site

MAA hosted site

by Elizabeth Vidaurre -
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I am using an old webwork site that was hosted by the MAA and it just stopped working all of a sudden. I'm hoping this is a temporary problem - anyone have any idea if there's any way to at least get my files and the students' grades? The error I am getting is 

This site can’t be reached

courses1.webwork.maa.org took too long to respond.

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Re: MAA hosted site

by Danny Glin -

The MAA is no longer offering hosting through courses1.webwork.maa.org.  The best alternative for hosting a single course is Runestone.

In terms of the status of the MAA server, it looks like it is back up and running, but with an expired certificate.  If you click past all of the scary warnings in your browser, you should be able to log into your course and download your content.  I wouldn't count on the server staying up reliably since the MAA is working toward decommissioning it.