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Robert (Rochester ugrad) - Tutorial

Robert (Rochester ugrad) - Tutorial

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First Steps

Hello world example
The simplest possible example of a PG problem. Hello world documents the basic structure of a PG problem.
Standard example
A great many WeBWorK problems can be written using only the Standard example as a template.
Matching list example
This shows a simple example in which the student is required to match a list of answers with a list of questions.
True false example
How to enter random true-false and short answer questions
Pop-up list example
A variation on the true-false question example where the permitted answers appear on a pop-up list.
Multiple Choice example
A standard multiple choice question with radio buttons.
Checkbox multiple choice example
A Multipe choice question in which more than one correct answer can be specified for a given question using checkboxes.
On-the-fly graphics example
How to draw graphs of simple formulas. These graphs are drawn "on demand" as the student asks for them, and can be different for each student.
Static graphics example
Another method of working with graphics (gif files or png files) which you have already created. Typically there are 4 or 5 such graphs and each student is served one of these at random. While these graphs usually require more human labor to create, you have more control than with on-the-fly graphics, and they are often very effective.
HTML links example
Since each problem is just HTML, it is possible to link to resources anywhere on the net, in addition to resources stored with the problem template file
JavaScript example
Shows how to use java script effectively. This example demands that students find the derivative of the function using the defintion -- there is no other way! Experiments with how to use javaScript effectively are just starting.
Java applet example
This exhibits a math applet created by David Eck. As with javaScript, experiments on how to use java applets effectively as part of a homework problem are just beginning.

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