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Michael Gage - done list

Michael Gage - done list

by Arnold Pizer -
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User interface

Here's a quick summary of what's new:

Commands for checkboxs and radio buttons have been fleshed out.

We'll be posting examples using these features very soon.

Select, Multiple, Fractions, List, Match

Many changes to PGchoice macros simplify the construction of multiple choice questions, true false questions and using using drop down menus for answering questions.

Send mail to classes developed--now you can send mail from the web.

New functions in PGauxiliary

The whole class list has been changed.

Pizer added many more options to the profLogin page.

rebuild and check set is easier.

Behind the scenes

PGbasicmacros macros has been completely overhauled and cleaned up.

PGanswermacros was cleaned up.

profLogin was rewritten to use

Communication between problemEditor and process Problem is now more robust.

AnswerHash is now used uniformly.

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