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Lars Jensen - setDerivatives3WordProblems/

Lars Jensen - setDerivatives3WordProblems/

by Arnold Pizer -
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userLars Jensen - setDerivatives3WordProblems/  blueArrow
10/23/2000; 3:23:46 PM (reads: 1456, responses: 1)
The problem setDerivatives3WordProblems/ does not view right in formatted-text mode: The number in the exponent is not in the exponent, but appears on the screen with a caret.

If I edit the problem and replace ${BM}$c x^{$n}${EM} with

( $c x^{$n} )

then the problem views fine in formatted-text mode.


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userMichael Gage - Re: setDerivatives3WordProblems/  blueArrow
10/24/2000; 2:02:42 PM (reads: 1852, responses: 0)
Dear Lars,

Thanks for the notification. We'll make the same changes you made in our distribution files.

In general mathematics formulas should be between \( \) or, for displayed text \[ \]. This insures that they will be evaluated by the tth processor when in formatted-text mode.

The ${BM} ${EM} construction (BeginMath, EndMath) is obsolete when writting problems, although it is still defined and used within the guts of the text evaluation macro EV3() which is responsible for processing mathematics text. (EV3 is in the file, for those who care.)

Thanks again for the information.

Take care,


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