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Michael Gage - Obtaining a copy of WeBWorK

Michael Gage - Obtaining a copy of WeBWorK

by Arnold Pizer -
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Obtaining a copy of WeBWorK
To download a copy of WeBWorK, click on the "Download WeBWorK" link in the left margin. After registering (with your e-mail address) you will be told how to download the files which contain the WeBWorK system. WeBWorK is written in Perl and runs on most flavors of Unix. WeBWorK is freely available to educational institutions. (If you do not have an .edu address you can contact either Prof. A. Pizer or Prof. M. Gage for information and assistance.)

In addition, please join the discussion group on this site (click the "Join Now" link in the left margin) so that you can post questions (and answers) to our discussion bulletin board. As WeBWorK becomes more widely used it will be useful to have a record of the difficulties and solutions developed while installing WeBWorK on different systems.

Thanks for your interest in WeBWork.

Mike Gage and Arnie Pizer
Posted by Michael Gage on 11/12/00; 8:20:58 PM
from the dept.


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