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Michael Gage - WeBWorK 1.6.03

Michael Gage - WeBWorK 1.6.03

by Arnold Pizer -
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userMichael Gage - WeBWorK 1.6.03  blueArrow
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WeBWorK 1.6.03
WeBWorK version 1.6 upgrade

We have made a number of minor upgrades to WeBWorK version 1.6

The current version is: Version 1.6.03 1/20/01 and this is the version in the tar files as of 6pm on 1/20/00.

You can tell what version you have by looking at the first few lines of or readme.first.

If you version 1.6.01 or 1.6.02, you can safely use that version.

The major chnages in version 1.6.03 are

1. The tth binary file used for "formatted-text" output must now be downloaded directly from

2. The classlist routines are now more robust in that they check for illegal chacters (, = &) in all entries. For example, do not use these characters in a student's name in version 1.6.02

3. There have been a number of other minor enhancements and bug fixes. The bug fixes fix very obscure bugs so it is very unlikely these bugs in versions 1.6.01 or 1.6.02 will hurt anyone.
Posted by Michael Gage on 1/20/01; 9:34:59 PM
from the dept.


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