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Arnold K. Pizer - Hint on adding new students

Arnold K. Pizer - Hint on adding new students

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicHint on adding new students topic started 2/1/2001; 7:07:50 AM
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userArnold K. Pizer - Hint on adding new students  blueArrow
2/1/2001; 7:07:50 AM (reads: 836, responses: 0)
If you are adding new students early in the semester, go to the Add Sudents Page and add them but don't select any sets to build for them. Then go to the build problem set page and build the sets (set 0,1, etc.) again. This will just build sets for the new students and it will give them exactly the same due dates the other students have (i.e. the dates listed in the set definition files).

If you do this from the Add Students page, you will have to select sets one at a time and enter the open, due, and answer dates each time. Later in the semester if a student drops in and you want to have the student do e.g. the last 4 WeBWorK assignments and you want to give the student two weeks to complete all the assignments, then doing this directly from the Add Student page is very convenient.

Here are the instructions given on the Add Students Page --- they are worth reading: Select the set(s) and enter appropiate dates (or use the defaults) if you want to build sets for the above student(s). You can submit this form multiple times to build sets with different due dates. If you do not select any sets (or select none) no sets will be built. If you want the new students to have the same due dates other students have, do not build sets here but after adding the students, go to the Build Problem Set page and build sets there.

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