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Arnold K. Pizer - running

Arnold K. Pizer - running

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicrunning topic started 2/10/2001; 12:16:10 PM
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userArnold K. Pizer - running  blueArrow
2/10/2001; 12:16:10 PM (reads: 1233, responses: 1)
Here is what I do to run In the templates directory for a course I run e.g.

nice /ww/webwork/system/scripts/ mth161 set2.def >& set2.log &

(this runs the job niced in the background and outputs info to a log file --- the only reason I run this in the templates directory is that then the log file is put in templates/). You can log off and the job will continue running.

Then run tail set2.log and you should see (when the job completes)

In for key = 93554 .... i = 18 In for key = 93554 .... i = 19 In for key = 93554 .... i = 20

This took 221.016666666667 minutes to precreate

If instead you see an error message, you can just run the job again. It will not recreate already existing images and should over write bad images but you might want to rm the most recently created directory just to be sure (I almost never do this).

You can also email me asking for the new version of which gives you more options.

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userDonald Behan - Re: running  blueArrow
8/18/2002; 10:46:14 AM (reads: 1331, responses: 0)
While running precreate I get an error message like the following:

Error: Can't rename the temporary problem directory /ww/htdocs/tmp1/CourseName/l2h/1-29173 to /ww/htdocs/tmp1/CourseName/l2h/setChap3b/1-29173

This error recurs if I just try to run precreate again. If, instead, I remove problem files in the 1-29173 directory and the setChap3b directory, it generally will run OK, but generates a similar error with a later student. According to "top" the usage is very low.

Is there an easier way to do this? Is there anything that I can do to avoid generating the errors? It's not syntax errors in the problems, as they eventually are set up OK.

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