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Arnold K. Pizer - new version of available

Arnold K. Pizer - new version of available

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2/10/2001; 12:37:01 PM (reads: 814, responses: 0)
A new version of is available.

The new version precreates problems ordered by psvn number and also gives you the option of just precreating problems for psvn's in a certain range. If you are using 5 digit psvn's, they will range between 10000 and 99999.

For example if you have a dual processor server which is lightly loaded in the morning, you could run two simultaneous jobs (both niced), e.g.

nice /ww/webwork/system/scripts/ mth161 set2.def 10000 55000 >& set2a.log &

nice /ww/webwork/system/scripts/ mth161 set2.def 55001 >& set2b.log &

Also if you run and for some reason it dies at psvn 45689, you could (with the new version) run it again starting with psvn 45689 which is a lot faster. will not recreate problem images which already exist but it will do quite a bit of processing before it discovers that a problem image already exists so skipping over this saves time.

Note there is also an is you simply want to precreate images for a single problem (e.g. if you edited a problem after precreating a set).

Simply run or with no parameters for help with the syntax. Doing this for yields:


webwork ~ 

Syntax is: course_name set_definition_filename or course_name set_definition_filename lowerLimit or course_name set_definition_filename lowerLimit upperLimit

(e.g. demoCourse set1.def or
(e.g. demoCourse set1.def 30000 or
(e.g. demoCourse set1.def 30000 60000

Problems are pre created for all psvn's between lower and upper limits if the limits
are given.


Email me if you would like the new version.

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