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Arnold K. Pizer - More Details-CSLB

Arnold K. Pizer - More Details-CSLB

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inactiveTopicMore Details-CSLB topic started 4/12/2001; 10:40:02 AM
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userArnold K. Pizer - More Details-CSLB  blueArrow
4/12/2001; 10:40:02 AM (reads: 985, responses: 0)
Here are more details on setting up Latex2html.

> Prof Ziemer, Arnie Pizer suggested that I email you about installing
> latex2html. I'm running Red Hat 7.0 and I have all of WeBWorK
> installed except latex2html. I've tried several versions, and none
> seem to work. What version did you get to work for you? Were there
> any special tricks you needed to make it work? Thanks in advance for
> your help.

I installed the 2K-beta version, and had to do the following modifications:


Run ./configure
in the file
change $cfg{'GS_LIB'} = q'';
to $cfg{'GS_LIB'} =
change $cfg{'IMAGE_TYPES'} = q'png gif'
to $cfg{'IMAGE_TYPES'} = q'gif png';
make sure $cfg{'METADPI'} = q'180';
and that $cfg{'PK_GENERATION'} = q'1';
Also in the file
change @IMAGE_TYPES = qw(png gif);
to @IMAGE_TYPES = qw(gif png);

Run make, then make test, switch to root and make install. That worked for me! Good luck, let me know if it all came out for you all right.

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