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Giving students their own due dates

Giving students their own due dates

by Steven McKay -
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I have two relate problems. I have looked through the system for a solution, but do not see an answer. (Maybe I haven't looked hard enough).

1. It would be really nice to set individual due dates for students. Usually one date will work for all students, but I occasionally get a student who gives me a letter from the accessibility office requiring accomodation. I have one this semester who needs extra time occasionally on homework sets. I would like to extend time for him without affecting the other students. Is this possible? If not, could I put it in as a request?

2. I plan to use WeBWorK in the future for an independent study class. It would be nice if I could set closing dates per student based on when the student first looks at the assignment. I know this is a lot harder than #1, but what do you think?

Thanks for all of your thoughts on this issue.

Steven McKay