css issues with 2.17 upgrade

css issues with 2.17 upgrade

by Larry Riddle -
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I am in the process of trying to upgrade to 2.17. I have worked through all the steps in the release notes. When I go to log into WeBWorK, however, the browser window does not seem to display correctly. Here are two images, one from Firefox and one from Safari.


webwork login screen in Firefox


webwork login screen in Safari

If I log into one of the courses in the Safari browser, this is what the browser window looks like

course window in Safari

The release notes indicate that "The look and feel of the user interface of WeBWorK is quite different, mainly because Bootstrap has been updated from version 2.3.2 to version 5.1.3. This gives a much more modern feel." Do these images reflect what the user interface is suppose to look like now, or do I have a problem with Bootstrap (not sure what that is).

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Re: css issues with 2.17 upgrade

by Danny Glin -
It looks like your installation is not properly getting the css for the new version. Double check that you have run 'npm install' in both the /opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs and /opt/webwork/pg/htdocs directories, and make sure that the files generated are readable by your web server.

If you've done this, you can check the error console in your browser. It should tell you which files it can't access, which will help diagnose what's missing.
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Re: css issues with 2.17 upgrade

by Larry Riddle -
Turns out that the webwork2 directory and subdirectories, and in particular htdocs, had a mixture of files with some owned by wwadmin and some owned by root. This was most likely due to using sudo during previous upgrades. After changing all the file ownerships back to wwadmin, I was able to successfully run "npm install" in webwork2/htdocs and complete the 2.17 upgrade. Everything is running fine now, including the css.