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OPL-Update in WW 2.17

OPL-Update in WW 2.17

by Wai Yan Pong -
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I have just upgraded from 2.16 to 2.17 on Ubuntu 22.04

Things seem to be working but after running


it created a new branch v2022-05-30 and switches to it.

I don't recall anything like that in 2.16

Should one be concern with that?

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Re: OPL-Update in WW 2.17

by Glenn Rice -
That is how it works now.
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Re: OPL-Update in WW 2.17

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
Once you're on that branch, git pull doesn't work as usual (makes sense, since you're now on this other branch).

When we're doing regular server updates, is the process now:

- git switch main
- git pull
- OPL-update

Or do we just run OPL-update and that includes pulling any changes from GitHub?
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Re: OPL-Update in WW 2.17

by Glenn Rice -

The method now is simply to run OPL-update.  There is no need to checkout the main branch or do a git pull.  When OPL-update runs, it runs the script downoad-OPL-metadata-release.pl.  That script downloads the latest OPL metadata release directly from GitHub, and is independent of the status of your local OPL clone.  Then it runs "git fetch" on the local clone.  For that it doesn't matter what branch is checked out, and it updates all references to the remote without changing anything in any locally checked out branches.  Then it checks out the tag corresponding to the downloaded OPL metadata release as a new branch.