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button to allow students to repeat randomized problem?

button to allow students to repeat randomized problem?

by Ken Luther -
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I remember seeing a couple of problems which had a button displayed that would allow the student to repeat a  randomized problem with newly generated random numbers put in place.   But I have no recollection of which problems they were, and I can't find any by random browsing. 

Does anyone have a pointer to such a problem, or have one of your own you could share, or could anyone point me to documentation about this feature? 

EDIT: I should mention I did find a small page that does discuss the problemRandomize.pl package 


but it then refers to a page that no longer exists:  


Thanks! -- Ken

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Re: button to allow students to repeat randomized problem?

by Glenn Rice -
The problemRandomize.pl macro is one that should not be used anymore. We will probably be deleting it soon. That macro has many problems in design, and will cease to function at all in future versions of webwork with changes to the PG implementation, and already has many problems with the current implementation.

Instead, you should use the features provided by webwork2. In the course configuration go to the optional modules tab. You can choose to "Enable periodic re-randomization of problems" or to "Enable Show Me Another button". Periodic randomization makes it so that after every fixed number of attempts the student must request a new version in order to continue to work the problem. This minimizes guessing on problems (assuming the problem is implemented with sufficient random parameters). The show me another button allows a student to open another similar problem with different random parameters. That problem is not for credit.
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Re: button to allow students to repeat randomized problem?

by Ken Luther -
I will hopefully be able to test this out once I get past my next hurdle ... posted in the Installation forum. Thanks! -- Ken