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Hardcopy download issues with IP-restricted Gateway-style assignments

Hardcopy download issues with IP-restricted Gateway-style assignments

by Josh Brummer -
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We are experiencing issues with students downloading past attempts on Gateway-style assignments that are IP address restricted.

We have IP restrictions set to be relaxed "(gw/quiz) After version answer date" with the assignment's "Closes" and "Answers Available" datetimes being identical (so that each version should release immediately). Also, "Show Scores on Finished Assignments?" and "Show Problems on Finished Tests" are both set to "Yes".

I'll add some additional explanation below, but it seems that students are not able to navigate to a page to download their previous attempts unless they are still using an allowed IP address (or maybe the functionality has changed and I'm missing something!)

We recently upgraded from WW version 2.12 to 2.17 (and it is amazing!). On the old version (2.12), the "Homework Sets" page listed individual versions of Gateway-style assignments, and students could download hardcopies from that page. On the new version (2.17), the "Homework Sets" page does not have hardcopy download links for past individual versions of Gateway-style assignments. Instead, there is a single link for each Gateway-style assignment that navigates to another page listing individual past versions the assignment, but that linked page is not accessible when outside the allowed IP addresses for actually taking versions of the assignment.

It seems the page which lists past versions and show a button to "Start New Test" could be always accessible, even outside the restricted IP address range, but the "Start New Test" button and/or the links for individual versions of the assignment should be restricted (depending on assignment settings and timing).

We have ww_version: 2.17 | pg_version 2.17

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Re: Hardcopy download issues with IP-restricted Gateway-style assignments

by Glenn Rice -

It seems this is a feature that not many people use.  As a result this was missed when the new gatway quiz summary page was created.  Furthermore, in investigating this I discovered that printing hardcopies for sets with the IP restriction setting has been broken for anyone using apache 2.4 (which is pretty much everyone nowadays).  There was a call to an obsolete apache method in the hardcopy code.  You must have not only been running webwork 2.12, but you must have been using a version of apache before version 2.4.