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MathQuill and limitedPolynomial.pl

MathQuill and limitedPolynomial.pl

by Stephen Flood -
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I have a question about MathQuill.  We are thinking about enabling this as the default editor this semester, but one faculty member has already noticed an error that arises in a problem using contextLimitedPolynomial.pl .

That context appears to prohibit parentheses in the input, but MathQuill seems to automatically insert parentheses around the exponent.  In other words, writing x^2 is translated to x^(2) which is rejected by contextLimitedPolynomial.

We are currently running WebWork 2.16.  From the 2.17 release notes, it looks like there have been updates to MathQuill that fix related issues involving units, but I cannot tell if the change also fixes this issue.

Does anyone know if upgrading MathQuill will resolve this issue?  Or would we need to go through and either edit or replace problems using LimitedPolynomial?  Are there any other known issues (resolved or open) that I should be aware of?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: MathQuill and limitedPolynomial.pl

by Andras Balogh -

We just upgraded to 2.17 from 2.16 and MathQuill now seems to play nicely with contextLimitedPolynomial.

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Re: MathQuill and limitedPolynomial.pl

by Stephen Flood -
Thanks for your help, this is exactly what I needed. I just upgraded, and the contextLimitedPolynomial problem we were looking at is now working correctly.

Thanks again!