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LTI Grade Passbook with Blackboard

LTI Grade Passbook with Blackboard

by Danny Glin -
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At Bridgewater State University, we are using LTI to connect to Blackboard.  

Everything works well for log-in, but for some unknown reason we have never been able to get grade passback to work. We've make sure that tools are allowed to change grades in Blackboard, and I have confirmed that there isn't a firewall preventing packets from reaching the server. but any suggestions for troubleshooting our installation would be very welcome.

Here are a couple things to try:

  • Try connecting to your blackboard server directly from your WeBWorK server using wget or curl.  You may have already done this when verifying that there wasn't a firewall in the way.
  • Check the apache error logs to see if WeBWorK has recorded any error messages when trying to update grades.
  • Make sure that you have grade passback enabled in WeBWorK.

Do you get any error messages in the WeBWorK interface?