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by Rob Owen -
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The error logs are complaining royally that they can't find a file called "favicon.ico". Specifically:

[Sun Sep 9 16:33:13 2007] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] File does not exist: /var/www/favicon.ico

repeated several thousand times.

The catch is, there's no such reference in our /var/www directory (the location of the usual webpages) so I'm assuming that webwork is trying to instantiate it when it loads a (any?) problem. Unfortunately, I can't seem to track down a reference to it in the webwork code. Can anyone help me out in finding it, and/or suggest something to do about it?


-- Robert
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Re: favicon.ico?

by Dennis Keeler -
I'm pretty sure this is not a Webwork issue. It's a matter of Firefox (and maybe other browsers) asking for favicon.ico automatically. It's the little icon that appears next to the URL and in Bookmarks for some websites. Maybe the easiest solution is to make an icon for your server. I don't know specifics on graphics format, but Google probably would lead to many tutorials.
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Re: favicon.ico?

by Eddie Fuller -

It is indeed the browser asking for it. If you look in the url bar for most browsers (I'm using Firefox 2 on MacOSX), there is a tiny icon that lives in the left of it. This icon also gets picked up when you bookmark a site. For example if you go to moodle.org you'll see a little 'm' there. This is the file favicon.ico that is missing. You can use any icon file you want and you're university may have one on their main webpage that you could put in your top level web directory and it would end those annoying 404 errors.

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Re: favicon.ico?

by Michael Gage -
I placed a copy of the favicon we use at the University of Rochester
in the HEAD version of the cvs at webwork2/htdocs/favicon.ico (it's a small version of the spider web image we use for webwork). You may need to move it to the home directory of the webbrowser in order for it to work. I have tried to attach the file to this message as well -- its a 286byte file labeled favicon.ico