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Reverse Proxy / Nginx Proxy Manager / Slow or 502

Reverse Proxy / Nginx Proxy Manager / Slow or 502

by Maeve Baksa -
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I got WW setup recently, and it works with a few caveats. It works amazingly on <internal_ip>/webwork2, same as URL:port/webwork2 which is directly forwarded to the application, but whenever using a reverse proxy, the entire program stops serving information properly. I am attempting to use nginx proxy manager. 

Whenever using the proxy, load times are in excess of 1 minute, will sometimes 504, or give 502 errors randomly. I am wondering if there's any header or something needed to be passed through for the performance to be corrected? Proxy buffer sizes, perhaps?

Please let me know, as I would love to not have to use port forwarding.


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Re: Reverse Proxy / Nginx Proxy Manager / Slow or 502

by Danny Glin -
There are multiple institutions successfully running WeBWorK behind a reverse proxy, so it's definitely possible.  I don't know if any of them are using nginx, but it shouldn't be any different.

Here are a few things to check:
  • Make sure $server_root_url in site.conf matches the desired address for connecting to the server.  If the proxy is enabled then this should be set to the address of the proxy server.
  • Check the apache error logs on your WeBWorK server to see if there are any enlightening error messages there.
  • Check the logs on your nginx server to see if it tells you anything.
  • Check your browser's error console.

If any of those places give you explicit error messages you can post and see if anyone can further troubleshoot.