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Re: Documentation for Tables in PGML

by Gustavo Felisberto-Valente -
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Thank you for all these suggestions. I think I am going to simplify the concept a little and place Gender on the header. So I don't need a "first column" only to output the second variable.
[['Gender',header => 1],['Academic Major', colspan => 5,headerrow => 1]],
['','Business','Science','Liberal Arts','Other','Total'],
tablecss => 'border: 1px solid black;',
midrules => 1,
align => '| c | c | c | c | c | c | c |',

Please ignore the "data[i][j]" there, they are part of a randomization process I defined in the preamble. The only changes I made were: removed the first column, wrote Gender in the first cell (as a header)