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No-code ww problem authoring using large language models

No-code ww problem authoring using large language models

by Rick Lynch -
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Hello everyone,

We’re hoping that it’s the beginning of the end of time-consuming coding to author WeBWorK problems and solutions. Edfinity’s R&D team has successfully trained a large language model (LLM) to generate ready-to-use WeBWorK code for a problem (with step-by-step solutions and hints) with nothing more than a simple description of the question you want to be written as input. We have named this tool ALICE - you may see examples of ALICE’s current capabilities today here: edfinity.co/Alice.

Current and future efforts: we are developing an OCR pipeline so that educators may upload an image of a question (e.g. from a problem set pdf) they want the WeBWorK code written for. We expect this to be ready later in the fall. As of now, an educator has to provide a text description of the problem they want to be written.

We expect to onboard beta users/early adopters for ALICE by the end of the summer or earlier. We would welcome collaboration with interested educators and institutions. Please feel free to reach out to hello@edfinity.com.