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inverse trig names in MathQuill

inverse trig names in MathQuill

by Larry Riddle -
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I am writing a problem where the answer involves the inverse sine function.

Using MathQuill in 2.17, typing arcsin results in the italicized letters converting to roman after typing the n. But if I type asin instead, the "a" remains italicized and only the sin converts to roman, with a gap between the a and the sin. See the following image

The answer, however, is still correctly interpreted as the inverse sine function when you grade the problem.

Is this the expected behavior, or Is there a fix for this?


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Re: inverse trig names in MathQuill

by Glenn Rice -

MathQuill does not support asin.  It only supports arcsin.  asin is certainly not standard mathematical notation for this function.  That is a computer programming language alternative.