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Release of WeBWorK 2.18

Release of WeBWorK 2.18

by Danny Glin -
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The WeBWorK Project is pleased to announce the release of version 2.18 of WeBWorK!

Note that WeBWorK 2.18 contains significant architectural changes (the software no longer depends on mod_perl, as it has been migrated to Mojolicious), so users who are upgrading from previous versions should read the Release Notes carefully before proceeding, as some server configuration will be required.

In addition to the architectural changes there are a number of improvements, bug fixes and new features which are detailed in the Release Notes.

Instructions for installing WeBWorK from Scratch can be found at https://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Manual_Installation_Guides

Questions about the installation process can be posted on the WeBWorK Installation Forum.

Bugs can be reported on the WeBWorK GitHub page.

The WeBWorK Project would like to thank Glenn Rice (Missouri Western State University) - the Release Manager for WeBWorK 2.18, as well as the entire Release Team.