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Hiding solutions from problems

Hiding solutions from problems

by Isaias Chairez Uriarte -
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I'm using some problems that have a built in solution in the code.

I know I can go to the code and use # at the beginning of the Solution lines to make it a comment and make it invisible to students.

My question is Can I adjust the visibility of the Solution some other way?



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Re: Hiding solutions from problems

by Glenn Rice -

Solutions are only shown after the answer date.  So just set the answer date far enough in the future to when you are okay with students seeing solutions.

If you are viewing problems as an instructor the solutions will be shown to you even before the answer date.  However, it will also say "Instructor solution preview: show the student solution after due date" (for versions of WeBWorK prior to 2.18) or "The solution shown is an instructor preview and will only be shown to students after the due date" (for 2.18, this is also below the problem).