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problem extention when exactly x points are archieved

problem extention when exactly x points are archieved

by Vivien Altwasser -
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Hello dear community,

I am trying for the following setup. I want a student to answer two multiple choice questions to achieve two points. The questions are drawn from an array of five different multiple choice questions, randomly. In case she is successful, nothing else happens due to passing. In case he fails at both questions, failure is complete. But in case one questions is correct and the other not, she is to get one additional chance and another new multiple choice is drawn out of the array. So I want to genrate a problem where a new problem or a new problem part appears when out of the initial multiple choice questions, exactly one is false.

Is that even possible? I was thinking of scaffold or compoundProblem5 and drew three out of five initially. But I could not get to the point where I have access to the students achieved grading points to set a conditional. I am linked to Moodle and also thought of a condition in Moodle for the exactly one point scenario. But that the new link would be visible when one question has been answered correctly but the second was not tried already. Apart from that the new link would aim at new set where I could not set the same seed as in the first one, could I? I would also go with a gateway quiz if that would suit my setup.