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Staying on 2.17 branch

Staying on 2.17 branch

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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I'm unable to upgrade my production server to 2.18 because it seems that one cannot get it running correctly on Ubuntu 20.04, and at the moment we're unable to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04.

To guard against my habit of running a 'git pull' whenever I'm doing server maintenance, I'd like to put the server on the 2.17 branch, since 'main' is now 2.18. 

In /opt/webwork/webwork2, 'git status' returns

On branch main
Your branch is behind 'origin/main' by 842 commits, and can be fast-forwarded

Running 'git branch' returns * main, and 'git branch -r' returns

  origin/HEAD -> origin/main

If I do 'git switch WeBWorK-2.17, I get the message "fatal: a branch is expected, got tag 'WeBWorK-2.17'"

I can switch to the branch using 'git checkout -b WeBWorK-2.17' (without -b I end up in a detached head state) but this doesn't seem like the right approach.

Is there a better way to stay on the 2.17 branch?

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Re: Staying on 2.17 branch

by Glenn Rice -
First, I recommend that you run 'git remote prune origin'. When you run 'git branch -r' it is showing remote branches that no longer exist, such as 'origin/WeBWorK-2.17'. In fact the only branches that do exist are 'origin/develop', 'origin/main', and 'origin/ww3'. Note that 'origin/HEAD' is an alias to 'origin/main' and should also appear.

To checkout WeBWorK-2.17 with all hotfixes run 'git checkout -b WeBWorK-2.17+ WeBWorK-2.17+'. This will check out the WeBWorK-2.17+ tag into the local WeBWorK-2.17+ branch.
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Re: Staying on 2.17 branch

by Sean Fitzpatrick -

Great, thank you.

Every time we've tried to upgrade an Ubuntu 20.04 VM to 22.04, something has broken, and we've needed to revert.

With classes starting on Wednesday, now is probably not the time to try to upgrade our production server!