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LTI Grade Passback - when?

LTI Grade Passback - when?

by Zak Zarychta -
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Is it possible to check the last time that grades have been 'passed back' to the LMS? If so, how would one do so?

Can this be done by querying a WeBWorK log? Or does one have to go to the LMS that the grades are being passed to?


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Re: LTI Grade Passback - when?

by Nathan Wallach -
There are no log records created when single grades are passed via LTI to the LMS. Error messages should appear to students if an LTI grade submission was attempted and failed.

In WW 2.18 when a mass grade update runs/fails - there should be a log record. See the $job->app->log calls in https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/blob/main/lib/Mojolicious/WeBWorK/Tasks/LTIMassUpdate.pm

Until WW 2.17 - only when the $debug_lti_grade_passback was turned on would there be any logging.