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LTI access woes 2

LTI access woes 2

by Zak Zarychta -
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I'm just asking if anyone has experienced a similar issue to the following.....

I have students who are struggling to access WeBWorK from the institutions LMS whilst connected to the institutions wireless network. It appears that students can access via wired ethernet or 4g mobile network but not the institutions wireless network?

The symptoms are that the LTI is hanging and there appears no entry of failure to login from the login.log

To me this sound like a failure of the LTI to connect. Is there any other logs on the server that WeBWorK is hosted that I could query?

The institutions IT service dept is currently looking into this from the LMS end. However, I'd be grateful for any further insights that the WeBWorK hive mind might provide.


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Re: LTI access woes 2

by Andras Balogh -

You could try to turn on the debug for LTI in the localOverrides.conf file: $debug_lti_parameters=1;