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Where can I find the achievements.tar.gz file?

Where can I find the achievements.tar.gz file?

by Murphy Waggoner -
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Hi, Was just setting up a course and wanted to enable achievements. Do people still use these?

On the Wiki (https://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Achievements) it says that I need to download a couple of files. I've done this in the past (as evidenced by a previous forum post from me), but now I get a 404 error when I click the following links in the wiki.

I've done a cursory search online for the files, but didn't find anything useful.

Is there something in GitHub or elsewhere?



http://agora.cs.wcu.edu/~goehle/achievements.tar.gz and http://agora.cs.wcu.edu/~goehle/achievement_icons.tar.gz

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Re: Where can I find the achievements.tar.gz file?

by Alex Jordan -

It might depend on which version of WW you are using. But in 2.18, the modelCourse directory comes with what you need in these folders:



So a new course that is a descendant of the distribution model course has what is needed. Another course could just add these folder to its templates and html folders. Then when you use the Achievement Manager (aka Achievement Editor) to import achievements, it will see the default_achievements.axp file and import from that. And all of the files it depends on for individual achievement evaluation are in one or the other of those two folders.