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PROSE Drop-In Office Hours (week of 2024 Jan 22)

PROSE Drop-In Office Hours (week of 2024 Jan 22)

by Steven Clontz -
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Dear colleagues,

Here is a schedule of our upcoming PROSE Drop-In Office Hours for the week. All members of our ecosystem are warmly invited to drop-in via Zoom on any day to get help, help others, and transform STEM education through our community and our open-source products: https://PROSE.runestone.academy

Monday 4pm-6pm Eastern
Hosted by Danny Glin and Glenn Rice

Tuesday 3pm-5pm Eastern
Hosted by Melissa Lynn and Brad Miller

Wednesday 9am-11am Eastern
Hosted by Tien Chih and Steven Clontz

Thursday 2pm-4pm Eastern
Hosted by Duane Nykamp and Virginia Mae

Friday 3pm-5pm Eastern
Hosted by Oscar Levin and Rob Beezer

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to offer hosting this spring! Now that we have [week]daily drop-ins on the schedule with two co-hosts apiece, I expect this schedule to not shift much through the end of April. But I will continue to make weekly posts reminding folks they can join us, and note any changes in the usual schedule. I'll also note any additional meetings that are open to the community; if you'd like to organize such an event, please reach out to let me know!

Connect to Zoom via our permalink at https://prose.runestone.academy/dropin/ to join the conversation. We're excited to have you a part of our community, and look forward to chatting with you.