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PROSE Drop-In Office Hours (week of 2024 Jan 29)

PROSE Drop-In Office Hours (week of 2024 Jan 29)

by Steven Clontz -
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Dear colleagues,

Here is a schedule of our upcoming PROSE Drop-In Office Hours for the week. All members of our ecosystem are warmly invited to drop-in via Zoom on any day to get help, help others, and transform STEM education through our community and our open-source products: https://PROSE.runestone.academy

Monday 4pm-6pm Eastern
Hosted by Danny Glin and Glenn Rice

Tuesday 2pm-4pm Eastern (new time!)
Hosted by Melissa Lynn and Brad Miller

Wednesday 9am-11am Eastern
Hosted by Tien Chih and Steven Clontz

Thursday 2pm-4pm Eastern
Hosted by Duane Nykamp and Virginia Mae

Friday 3pm-5pm Eastern
Hosted by Oscar Levin and Rob Beezer

Connect to Zoom via our permalink at https://prose.runestone.academy/dropin/ to join the conversation. We're excited to have you a part of our community, and look forward to chatting with you.