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Michael Gage - test inserting problems within other html

Michael Gage - test inserting problems within other html

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopictest inserting problems within other html topic started 9/9/2001; 5:08:08 PM
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userMichael Gage - test inserting problems within other html  blueArrow
9/9/2001; 5:08:08 PM (reads: 906, responses: 0)
We'll see if this works:


(1 pt) rochesterLibrary/set0/
This problem demonstrates how you enter numerical answers into WeBWorK.

Evaluate the expression 3(-4 )(2 -3 -2(3 )):
In the case above you need to enter a number, since we're testing whether you can multiply out these numbers. (You can use a calculator if you want.)

For most problems, you will be able to get WeBWorK to do some of the work for you. For example
Calculate (-4) * (2):
The asterisk is what most computers use to denote multiplication and you can use this with WeBWorK. But WeBWorK will also allow you to use a space to denote multiplication. You can either -4 * 2 or -8 or even -4 \ 2. All will work. Try them.

Now try calculating the sine of 45 degrees ( that's sine of pi over 4 in radians and numerically sin(pi/4) equals 0.707106781186547 or, more precisely, 1/\sqrt{2} ). You can enter this as sin(pi/4) , as sin(3.1415926/4), as 1/sqrt(2), as 2**(-.5), etc. This is because WeBWorK knows about functions like sin and sqrt (square root). (Note: exponents can be indicated by either a "caret" or **). Try it.
\sin(\pi/4) =

Here's the list of the functions which WeBWorK understands. WeBWorK ALWAYS uses radian mode for trig functions.

You can also use juxtaposition to denote multiplication. E.g. enter 2\sin(3\pi/2). You can enter this as 2*sin(3*pi/2) or more simply as 2sin(3pi/2). Try it:

Sometimes you need to use ( )'s to make your meaning clear. E.g. 1/2+3 is 3.5, but 1/(2+3) is .2 Why? Try entering both and use the "Preview" button below to see the difference. In addition to ( )'s, you can also use [ ]'s and { } 's.

You can always try to enter answers and let WeBWorK do the calculating. WeBWorK will tell you if the problem requires a strict numerical answer. The way we use WeBWorK in this class there is no penalty for getting an answer wrong. What counts is that you get the answer right eventually (before the due date). For complicated answers, you should use the "Preview" button to check for syntax errors and also to check that the answer you enter is really what you think it is.




Not bad!

SourceFile: set0/

Just enter { pgView("set0/")} ,which is the "address" of a problem in the Rochester problem library at Problem Library, into any discussion message. The problem will be included in your message, and what's more, it will be active.

To get the source file link enter { linkToSource("set0/")}

-- Mike

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