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Formatting for line breaks in PGML hints

Formatting for line breaks in PGML hints

by Greg Mayer -
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I'm have a question about formatting of text in a PGML hint. At the moment I'm trying to create a line break in a hint that uses PGML by using a blank line, and am getting an error message when I add line breaks in the code. 

Some possibly related documentation I was reading on PGML suggested using a blank line: https://openwebwork.github.io/pg-docs/sample-problems/problem-techniques/AnswerHints.html

Some related documentation I found on hints that I was using: https://openwebwork.github.io/pg-docs/sample-problems/problem-techniques/AnswerHints.html

I'll put a screenshot of what I'm seeing/doing.

Thanks in advance! 


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Re: Formatting for line breaks in PGML hints

by Alex Jordan -

Unless I am missing so mething about your use case, I think you want to use




And use regular markup inside. Not the knowlLink macro. Does that produce better results?