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Zbigniew Fiedorowicz - WeBWorK-WebCT integration

Zbigniew Fiedorowicz - WeBWorK-WebCT integration

by Arnold Pizer -
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WeBWorK-WebCT integration topic started 9/24/2001; 4:16:45 PM
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userZbigniew Fiedorowicz - WeBWorK-WebCT integration  blueArrow
9/24/2001; 4:16:45 PM (reads: 779, responses: 0)
Arnie suggested that I post this to this discussion board:

I have experimenting with using the WebCT bulletin board to host feedback for WeBWorK. In principle this should be more efficient than email, reducing redundacy in questions and and answers. Moreover it should give students a chance to be more active by responding to each others' questions.

So far it seems to be working reasonably well. To see how it works, log into my WeBWorK course: as a practice user and click on the Feedback button. You will then be prompted for a WebCT login. Use muster.12345 as user name 12345 as password You can also log into the WebCT home area for my course using the same login and the URL

Implementing this modest level of integration between the two systems requires only a minor modification in one WeBWorK script. Instructions can be found at the following URL:

Zig Fiedorowicz

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