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Number of replies: 0 topic started 10/8/2001; 4:55:24 PM
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userThomas R. Shemanske -  blueArrow
10/8/2001; 4:55:24 PM (reads: 670, responses: 1)
I scored a few problem sets today, and went to download the csv file, but couldn't find it after saving.

After fussing about a bit, I realized that the name of the totals file was prefixed by a single space. This is true for Netscape 6 on the mac, and on linux (Mozilla 0.9.4), though a leading space on a linux file name makes it a little harder to find!

Curiously, with Internet Explorer 5 on the mac, the name which you are prompted to save is, though if you actually save it, you get coursename_totals.csv (no leading space)

I have stared a bit at the cgi script, and if there is a WW culprit, it is most likely the $shortFileName variable which is stripped down from the full path.

The behavior is so erratic, I was curious to hear experiences with other browsers, and if there was an obvious fix to the download script.



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userArnold K. Pizer - Re:  blueArrow
10/8/2001; 8:57:13 PM (reads: 902, responses: 0)
This is browser dependent. Under win 2000, MSIE 5.5 and Netscape 6.1 download the file with the correct name, i.e. there is no leading space. Opera 5 displays the file.

Some browsers use the name of the generating script (rather than the Content-disposition) to determine the name under which the file is to be saved.

The last time we looked, there didn't seem to be a clear cut standard for doing this.

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