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Arnold K. Pizer - San Diego Meeting update

Arnold K. Pizer - San Diego Meeting update

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicSan Diego Meeting update topic started 1/2/2002; 3:42:57 PM
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userArnold K. Pizer - San Diego Meeting update  blueArrow
1/2/2002; 3:42:57 PM (reads: 722, responses: 0)
Informal San Diego Meeting of WeBWorK Users We are going to hold an informal meeting of WeBWorK users at the AMS/MAA annual meeting January 6-9. Anyone interested is invited. Our plan is to meet in the lobby of the Marriott near the hotel registration desk at 3:15 pm on Tuesday (NOTE the change in time). We will then move to someplace where we can talk.

We will also post a message (Title: WEBWorK Meeting) on the message board giving further details.

Arnie, Mike, and Vicki are teaching a Minicourse on WeBWorK from 8am to 10am on Monday and Wednesday, so you can also catch us after that course.

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