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Student Passwords stop working

Student Passwords stop working

by Curtis Card -
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This is the first semester that I have implemented WeBWorK in my classes and it is working well. However, I have had several students report that their password stops working for no apparent reason.  Does anybody have any clue as to why this is happening?

Also, I'm using WeBWorK in my Multivariable Calculus course and was wondering if anybody knows of some Lagrange Multiplier problems.


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Re: Student Passwords stop working

by Dennis Keeler -
Can't say much about the password issue. It's happened a few times for me, but I've never confirmed that it isn't just user error. I know sometimes students just leave on the Caps Lock key.

I see 24 problems under Calculus->Partial Derivatives->Lagrange Multipliers in the National Problem Library. I'm using Webwork for Multivariable also. I'll be hitting Lagrange Multipliers next week. -Dennis