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by Paul Bolton -
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I'm getting a report of a syntax error in the file MathObjects.pl. From the error details
Error detected while loading [PG]/macros/MathObjects.pl:
syntax error at line 1 of [PG]/macros/MathObjects.pl, near "; ="
The text of my version of the file is reproduced below.

=head1 MathObjects.pl


# This file loads Parser.pl which in turn loads Value.pl
# The purpose of this file is to encourage the use of the name MathObjects
# instead of Parser (which is not as intuitive for those who don't know
# the history).

# It may later be used for other purposes as well.



Dr Paul Bolton
School of Mathematics
University of Manchester
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Re: MathObjects.pl

by Davide Cervone -
Make sure there is a blank line at the top of the MathObject.pl file. Due to the way loadMacros() executes the file, that is required. The current CVS version has this, but some earlier versions didn't.