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Mark Schmitt - Previewer Errors with Complex Answers

Mark Schmitt - Previewer Errors with Complex Answers

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicPreviewer Errors with Complex Answers topic started 4/1/2002; 2:32:42 AM
last post 4/1/2002; 2:32:42 AM
userMark Schmitt - Previewer Errors with Complex Answers  blueArrow
4/1/2002; 2:32:42 AM (reads: 638, responses: 0)
I have run into a strange error. When I have a problem that requires a complex number for an answer (for example, find the sqrt(-4-2i) ), and I type in the correct answer (.4858682718-2.058171027i), and preview it, I get the pink screen with the following error:

Compiler warnings: * Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) at /home/httpd/webwork/system/courseScripts/ line 211. ##More details: -------- main::preview_answers called at /home/httpd/webwork/system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ line 526


The previewer deletes the answer I typed in as well. (Only from the ans_rule box. It appears in the parsed box and in the preview box.)

If I submit the answer without previewing, everything works fine. It's only when I try to preview that bad things happen.

I'm wondering if PGcomplexmacros might have a hidden incompatability with the previewer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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