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Michael Gage - costahoffmanmeeks

Michael Gage - costahoffmanmeeks

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ICTCM award

WeBWorK was awarded the 1999 International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Award for Excellence and Innovation with the Use of Technology in Collegiate Mathematics ICTCM 12 1999 San Francisco


NSF Development grant (DUE CCLI)

University of Rochester (DUE CCLI development grant)

WeBWorK - a Web-Based Homework System (current 5/1/2002 to 4/30/2005)

An Internet Based System for Mathematics Homework Problems (7/15/1999 to 6/30/2002)

Arnold K. Pizer (Principal Investigator current)

Vicki Roth (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Michael E. Gage (Co-Principal Investigator current)

NSF Adopt and Implement grants (DUE CCLI A & I grants)

California State University at Long Beach

Enhancing and Implementing an Internet-Based System for Mathematics Homework Problems

1/1/2001 to 12/31/2003

William Ziemer (Principal Investigator current)

Tangan Gao (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Arthur K. Wayman (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Saleem Watson (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Angelo Segalla (Co-Principal Investigator current)

University of Virginia

WeBWorK in the Mathematics Curriculum

6/1/2001 to 5/31/2004

Jeffrey J. Holt (Principal Investigator current)

David C. Brydges (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Indiana University

An Enhancement of WebWork - a Web-Based Homework Program

1/1/2001 to 12/31/2002

William P. Ziemer (Principal Investigator current)

William H. Wheeler (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Gustavus Adolphus College

Enhancing Student Preparation for Calculus via a Web-Based Homework System

3/1/2001 to 8/31/2002

Michael D. Hvidsten (Principal Investigator current)

Charles Pastor (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Radford University

Implementation of WeBWorK Delivering Internet-Based Homework In College Algebra Classes

1/1/2002 to 11/30/2003

Coreen L. Mett (Principal Investigator current)

Arizona State University

Web-Based Math Homework

4/1/2002 to 3/31/2005

John W. Jones (Principal Investigator current)

Matthew Isom (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Alabama State University

Online Educational Resource Center

6/1/2002 to 5/31/2005

Wallace Maryland (Principal Investigator current)

Jun Wang (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Timothy Holland (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Oswald Tekyi-Mensah (Co-Principal Investigator current)

Other WeBWorK installations




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