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Jason - Set0 - Problem6 (problem with graphs) download hard copy messing up

Jason - Set0 - Problem6 (problem with graphs) download hard copy messing up

by Arnold Pizer -
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Set0 - Problem6 (problem with graphs) download hard copy messing up topic started 4/22/2002; 8:37:20 AM
last post 4/22/2002; 1:49:08 PM
userJason - Set0 - Problem6 (problem with graphs) download hard copy messing up  blueArrow
4/22/2002; 8:37:20 AM (reads: 842, responses: 1)
Hello again everyone, Another problem we are having, once we can download the PDF or any hard copy in that matter, the images of graphs can not be viewed for Set0 - Problem 6 (by default prob 6, actual name was pg4). On page 2 of the PDF printout column 1 is completely blank, and on column 2 there are the 4 areas where the images should reside (note: we are missing problems 4 and 5 which should also be on the page). When we open the DVI in a DVI-reader, we can see the images being layered quickly, then dissapearing along with the first column.

We are using solaris 8, netpbm 9.25, WeBWorK v1.7, latex2html 2002.

Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a couple of links to our problems:

Sample PDF with problem:

Sample DVI with problem:

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userMichael Gage - Re: Set0 - Problem6 (problem with graphs) download hard copy  blueArrow
4/22/2002; 1:49:08 PM (reads: 1023, responses: 0)

When I look at your sample pdf I can also see the images being layered quickly. I can't see that on the DVI files on my machine.

(Note, if you obtain the DVI files via the download mechanism the images are not included in the download, and the images' addresses referred to in the tex and dvi code are unlikely to be correct -- thus I do not expect to see the images at all in the DVI download.)

Here is a debugging technique which may help. At the very top of the file cgi/cgi-scripts/ there is the following line:

$debugON = 0;

change this to

$debugON = 1;

this means that the intermediate files created when producing hard copy are not erased. (See the subroutine cleanup_downloadPS near the end of the file:)

Here is the relevant code where $tempTexFileBaseName is defined as "${tempDirectory}Temp_downloadAllSets_$User";

	sub cleanup_downloadPS {
unless ($debugON) {

Now attempt to download the hardcopy of set0; then inspect these files stored in the temp directory ($tempDirectory is defined either in or possibly redefined in )

Is the tex file well formed and are the addresses of the images correct? if so rename the file temporarily and run tex on it. Does this produce a postscript file? can you view the postscript file with images? Is it the same as the postscript file that already exists? If the postscript file is fine, convert the file to pdf and see if that works.

The command line commands used by WeBWorK to convert from tex to dvi to ps to pdf are given at the top of the subroutine prepareHardCopy in

Hope this helps.

-- Mike

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