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UNFORTUNATELY, the problem reappeared after I deleted 5 students from the "classlist." They dropped from the course and keeping them in the classlist complicated uploading the grades to Blackboard Collaborate, which is the official/mandatory system to report grades at my university. In Webwoer 12 no problem, but in Webwork 15, and now without the ability to produce PDF of graded exams that I need to return to 50+ students. Fortunately, I take exams with 2 servers, and the remaining 90 students are on the old server with Webwork 12. This problem is crippling me. Online students need as much feedback as we can possibly give them. I had to take screenshots of the exams, 2 screenshots per exam, times 50, 100 screenshots. Not good.
We have indeed been setting up the LTI.  We've gotten authentication working, but grading seems to be having trouble.  It seems that students are always seeing
·        No LIS Outcome Service URL. Unable to report grades to the LMS. Are external grades enabled in the LMS? at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/Authen/LTIAdvanced/ line 60.
·        No LISSourceDID! Some LMS's do not give grades to instructors, but this could also be a sign that external grades are not enabled in your LMS. at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/Authen/LTIAdvanced/ line 91.

Even though "Allow configured tool providers to post grades" is set to "Yes" in Blackboard.  Do you know how we would be able to diagnose the problem?

By the way, I had to read fairly closely before I realized that "Course Grade Mode" or "Homework Grade Mode" would be a Webwork-wide setting.  Is that correct?  Would a course-wide setting be achievable in a future release?
I know this thread is months old now, but I was just looking to do the same thing and this is what worked for me:

Score some homework sets and download the .csv.  Then add columns for test scores or whatever, and save it as report_grades_data.csv.  Upload using file manager, and put it under scoring/, which is the same level as templates, so you have to go up a level to see it.  

Next, open Email.  From the merge pull-down, select the file you uploaded, report_grades_data.csv.  Now I could access all the columns in the file.  It showed me the column data for me, so that I knew what column went with which index.  (This would be even more helpful if most of my scores weren't 0's, haha).

I entered a simple message:  Your first test score was $COL[n].  Your current homework average is $COL[m].  Your current/projected grade is $COL[k].

I saved this message as report_grades.msg.  I did not send it to the students.

Now, when I or students go the grades page, they see at the bottom the message I typed with their scores filled in.  So they don't get their whole row of grades unless you put that in the message, but you can show them additional grades.  

We are running the newest update, version 2.9, so your mileage may vary!

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by Michael Gage -
Hi Lars,

Looking through the references (especially the second link below) again:

The procedure is a bit fussy (I'm the main person to use it as far as I know) but it goes pretty fast once you are used to it.

Here are some further references

I find that the merge file needs to be named report_grades_data.csv  and the message file which accepts the merge data is named report_grades.msg.  I'm afraid that I conflated the two when I wrote the original post. 

The references also acknowledge that the documentation on this feature is nearly non-existent -- mainly because it has not been widely used. That's also why it is fussy -- the file names and so forth are all hardwired into the code.

The most explicit reference I have been able to find is from the scoring page help reference (the little yellow question mark):

If you upload your file on the web with the name: <code>report_grades_data.csv</code>
and also create an email message with the name <code>report_grade.msg</code> with the
approriate <code>$COL</code> variables then not only can you email the message
with the embedded grades to the students, but files with those exact names are
automatically appended to the "Grades" page seen by the students.

I confess that I have not used either the grading or the emailing feature recently and my advice is mostly working from memory.  I now run courses through moodle whenever possible and use the moodle gradebook which is much better and easier to use.  

The relevant code is in the subroutine "scoring_info()" in the file ContentGenerator/   for anyone who would be interested in bringing the capabilities of this feature up-to-date and making it more flexible.  

If you get it working perhaps you could add a post on the wiki documenting the method.  It might be helpful for others who are not using the moodle connection or connection with some other LMS

-- Mike 

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by Lars Jensen -
Hi Mike,

This didn't work for me. I did what you say below: all the homework grades using the WeBWorK scoring tools to a .csv file. Import this into excel. Add the midterm and final grades and do any additional calculations for the grade and then export the result into a file called report_grades.csv.

So I added an extra "Test" column at the end of the homework scores, and adjusted the "summary" and "%score" columns in accord, then renamed the file to report_grades.csv. Nothing new showed up under student grades, neither under the student's account, nor in the instructor's gradebook. I only see the same homework scores. I tried to delete some header rows/columns in the spreadsheet and upload again, but it changed nothing.

Did I miss something? Any ideas? It might be helpful if you could attach a template report_grades.csv example file?


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by Michael Gage -

If you want a full featured gradebook you need to use Moodle integration (or Blackboard -- which is in alpha test stage).

However, you can do what you want in WeBWorK alone. It is a bit of a hack, but it works for me.

First use excel or some other spreadsheet app to create a .csv (comma separated variable) file with the relevant grades.

In my case I usually download all the homework grades using the WeBWorK scoring tools to a .csv file. Import this into excel. Add the midterm and final grades and do any additional calculations for the grade and then export the result into a file called report_grades.csv

It is important to call this file report_grades.csv. In addition to grades this file also has columns corresponding to the studentLogin and the studentID.

Upload this file using the File Manager to the "scoring" directory
courseName/scoring (this is at the same level as the courseName/template directory that you see first in the File Manager)

Now the contents of this file (or rather the row that applies to them) will appear when ever the students look at their Grades (link in the left hand margin). If I remember correctly the "key" is the studentID number rather than the studentLogin but I'd make sure not to touch either column when adding the midterm and final grades. You can also use this report_grades.csv file together with the "Email students" feature to mail a report of individual grades to the student.

The procedure is a bit fussy (I'm the main person to use it as far as I know) but it goes pretty fast once you are used to it.

Here are some further references

Hope this helps while you are waiting for Blackboard integration.

-- Mike

Hi Dick,

The general description is at

Regarding your first two questions I'll tell you what I think is going on, but I haven't looked at the code in ages (and haven't used the feature with students since I became a ski bum quite a few years ago now).  What I always did was to score a set (actually I don't recall if I had to even select one set but now WeBWorK is maybe too "smart" and will not let you score 0 sets) and use that file as a template for your merge file.  How many columns are required I'm not sure but I believe the first two and I would definitely keep the first four. The order of students in the file is not important.  WeBWorK 1 used the $SID as a key (which is why it is the first column) but in WeBWorK 1 the $SID was forced to be unique and it is not forced to be unique in WeBWorK 2. So I am 99.999% sure that WeBWorK 2 uses the $LOGIN as the key and most likely assumes this is in the second column.

There is no automated procedure for generating the email template file and I think this would not be practical as different people may want to do very different things.

In your example Test 1 = $COL[57] remember you can use $COL[-2] for the second to last column which may be a lot easier than counting from $COL[1].

I never used the feature but I am virtually certain that you can use this feature to allow students to view quiz & test scores online.  Note that if you click on "Grades" at the bottom you see:

There is no additional grade information. The spreadsheet file /opt/webwork/courses/pizer_course/templates/email/report_grades.msg cannot be found.

I think that all you have to do create your email with the name "report_grades.msg" (using the merge file you want) and WeBWorK will do the rest.

Hi Bruce,

Since no one has responded to this I'll take a crack at it.

The answer is no and I think it would be difficult to do something since different people use different scoring methods. You can count all problems the same as their WeBWorK weight (which is what I assume you are thinking), count each assignment say 10 points, count only the best 10 of say 13 total assignments, ignore the Orientation set if you have one, etc. Students might confuse an overall average for how their professor is really going to grade their WeBWorK.

There is a facility for adding a grading message (templates/email/report_grades.msg) and with some work you could probably use this to accomplish what you want but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

If all that you want to do is prevent the error from appearing to students then
  • put an empty report_grades.msg file into the course's templates/email directory
  • put an empty report_grades_data.csv into the course's scoring directory
You would have to do this for every course, so perhaps it is better to do in the model courses.
It's an undocumented feature that was mostly used by me. Now-a-days I tend to use the moodle-webwork bridge one scheme and use the moodle gradebook so this feature has become somewhat redundant.

I'll try to write semi-complete documents up on the wiki -- but the idea is the same as if you send an email message to your students which merges grade information from the spreadsheet. (There are documents on how to do that.
see )

If you save this email with file name: report_grades.msg then it gets picked up and displayed whenever a student views their grade in WeBWorK using the link in the upper left margin. (You don't actually have to send the email.). The email file is in the email directory, the corresponding merge file spreadsheet is in the scoring directory with the name specified in composing the email file.

What I've written above is essentially right, but I don't have time to check that I've gotten all the details right now. If someone gets this to work and feels like posting more detailed directions on the wiki please feel free to do so. I'll get to it eventually, but perhaps not that soon. :-)

-- Mike