ECE leaders course schedule
Useful Accessibility Features
To help users see the page:
To help users navigate the page:

To insure validation & compatibility:

  • background color
  • links are text, not images
  •  checking on W3C & other programs
  •  page contrast
  • semantic mark-up is used (e.g., marking headers)
    •  student pages
  •  font color
  • pages open within same window, or, if in a different window, are clearly labeled
    •  instructor pages & tools
  • font style 
  • text links make sense when read out of context
    • administrator pages & tools
  • font size
  • keyboard equivalence to mouse actions
  • compatibility with text-to-speech readers
  • good Alt tags
  • understandable linear version of the page (e.g., logical tab order, labels clearly associated with input boxes or other form elements)
Last modified: Saturday, 22 February 2020, 3:11 PM