For WeBWorK2

Readme file for using modifying and using the WeBWorK evaluation form

1. You can use the files in this subdirectory as samples when writing your own

2. is a standard pg problem file except that
answers are emailed to the desinated email address(es).

3. If you want to use this sample with minimal changes

a) You should modify the list of courses on lines 69 - 78.
b) Modify lines 637-639 entering correct email addresses and subject line
for the email. Uncomment lines if you want to send the results to multiple

4. You also have to modify the following section of the file global.conf which
you will find in the directory .../webwork2/conf/

# AllowedRecipients defines addresses that the PG system is allowed to send mail
# to. this prevents subtle PG exploits. This should be set in course.conf to the
# addresses of professors of each course. Sending mail from the PG system (i.e.
# questionaires, essay questions) will fail if this is not set somewhere (either
# here or in course.conf).
$mail{allowedRecipients} = [
to enable email.

You can also do this directly from the web by using "Course Configuration".
Select "E-mail" and edit the section "E-mail addresses which can recieve e-mail
from a pg problem". However, if you do it this way, you will have do this for
every course individually.

5. The script compiles the results and
produces 4 files.

The required inputs to the script are
the html source of the questionnaire, a file containing all the email responses
concatenated into one file, and a base file name [e.g. spring06_WW_evaluation]
(without an extension) for the four output files. The four output files will be
e.g. spring06_WW_evaluation_full.html, spring06_WW_evaluation_numeric.html,
spring06_WW_evaluation.txt and spring06_WW_evaluation.xls.

spring06_WW_evaluation_full.html contains the full data including all student
comments --- this is the most interesting page to look at.

spring06_WW_evaluation_numeric.html is a subset of
spring06_WW_evaluation_full.html containing only the numeric data.

spring06_WW_evaluation.txt and spring06_WW_evaluation.xls are files containing
the student comments and numerical data in a form that can be analyzed to your
heart's content in any spreadsheet program.

6. The required html source of the questionnaire (not the .pg file!)
can be easily obtained by viewing the questionnaire
in a browser and saving the html source (e.g. in FireFox use "View" and select
"Page Source").

7. The file containing all the email responses can be obtained by selecting all
the responses in your email client and saving them to a file. E.g. in Eudora,
select all the responses then use "save as" under the File drop down menu.
Obviously, it is convenient to use a filter to direct all the responses to a
single mailbox.

8. IMPORTANT: the script uses the html source of the questionnaire
to create its output. If you modify the structure of the questionnaire (by modifying the .pg file, you may have to modify as well.

9. Run the script by issuing the following command from a directory that
contains the script and required input files.

perl ./

This will prompt you for the required inputs.
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