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Admin Tools Framework

The goal of this page is to set out a high-level framework for what admin scripts for use at the command line on a WeBWorK server might look like.

Desired functionality:

  • Create (many) WeBWorK courses from a predefined list, adding users appropriately.
  • Assign sets to users in a (list of) WeBWorK course(s).
  • Update WeBWorK course rosters from external roster data, copying scores on completed assignments to the appropriate WeBWorK course.
  • Delete and archive courses.
  • Add and delete proctor users to and from WeBWorK courses.

Open questions:

  • Should these be in a single or few scripts, or should the functions be split out into different scripts?
  • What should input data for things like course creation look like? How prescribed should this be?
  • How flexible does set assignment need to be (e.g., how necessary is it to maintain lists of sets that aren't assigned)?