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All bugs in the WeBWorK software should be reported at http://bugs.webwork.maa.org. This is also the place to request new features or enhancements to the software.

What is Bugzilla?[edit]

For more information, see the Wikipedia article on Bugzilla.

Bugzilla is an on-line bug-tracking tool, developed by the Mozilla Foundation, and is the system we use to track all open issues with WeBWorK.

The reason we use Bugzilla is that it allows the developers to easily find, track and discuss issues, to spot duplicates and ultimately to resolve them.

Reporting a bug[edit]

  1. Go to bugs.webwork.maa.org.
  2. Use the search box on the main page to see if your bug has already been submitted. You can also perform more advanced searches on the search page.
  3. If you are sure that your issue has not already been reported then click enter a new bug] in the toolbox on the left. You will be prompted to log in if you have not already done so (see 'Why must I register?', below).
  4. Select the subsystem of WeBWorK on which you are reporting the bug. (Called a "Product" in Bugzilla)
  5. Fill in the following boxes (the rest can be left blank):
    • Component (if you don't know, select 'General/Unknown')
    • Version (if you don't know, select 'unspecified')
    • Summary - a short one-sentence summary of the issue
    • Description - full details of the issue, giving as much detail as possible
  6. Click 'Commit'

That's it! For maximum chance of your bug being fixed, you are advised to read the bug writing guidelines first.

See also: How to Report Bugs Effectively by Simon Tatham

What syntax can I use?[edit]

Bugzilla comments are plain text, you cannot use HTML. However, Bugzilla will automatically make hyperlinks for certain type of text in comments:

Why must I register?[edit]

We need you to register in order to use Bugzilla. This is primarily so that we can contact you if there are further questions regarding your bug submission. For example, if a developer is unable to replicate your problem they will ask for more information.

Registering is free and easy. Simply click the 'create account' link at the top right of the page, enter your e-mail address (and optionally your real name) and click 'create account'. Then simply log in using the password you receive in the confirmation e-mail (which can be changed in your preferences once you have logged in).

Once logged in, you can change your preferences to specify what kinds of e-mail Bugzilla sends you (with the option of turning off all e-mail). To do this click 'my preferences' in the top right and select the 'email settings' tab.

Please note that your email address will be visible to everyone. Some people prefer to set up a separate e-mail account (using a free webmail service) for working with Bugzilla.

Why can't I report bugs here?[edit]

You can. You can also report by writing them in chalk on the pavement. However, if you want a developer to act on it then you need to put it somewhere they are likely to see it, namely Bugzilla.

How do I link to a bug?[edit]

If you want to create a link from a page on this wiki to a Bugzilla bug, use [[bugzilla:XXX]], where XXX is the bug number you want to link to. For example [[bugzilla:1690]] will result in the following output: bugzilla:1690.

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