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Essay answer

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This PG code shows how to write a question whose answer is an essay. This feature was introduced in Fall 2012.

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PG problem file Explanation

Problem tagging data

Problem tagging:


$showPartialCorrectAnswers = 0;


Initialization: Use the for the essay answer and for the multiple choice drop down menu. Setting $showPartialCorrectAnswers = 0; means that students will not receive feedback on whether their answers are correct. The all-or-nothing problem grader (the standard problem grader) is used in order to withhold assigning any credit when the student submits an answer. This allows the professor to manually determine what percentage the student should get. If the standard problem grader was not used here, then the default problem grader (the average problem grader) would award 50 percent credit to students who answer the multiple choice question correct.


$popup = PopUp(
[ "Choose", "True", "False" ], # choices
"False" # corect answer

$a = random(2,5,1);

$f1 = Compute("ln(x (x-$a))");
$f2 = Compute("ln(x) + ln(x-$a)");

Setup: Nothing out of the ordinary happens here.

Answer the following true / false question and 
then explain your answer.  Your answers will be 
read and graded manually at a later time.
\{ $popup->menu() \} 
For all real numbers \( x \), \( $f1 = $f2 \).
Please explain your reasoning in the answer box below.  
\{ essay_box(8,60) \}

Main Text: Clearly communicate to the student the expectations of the problem and how it will be graded. The essay_box(w,h) is resizable and takes inputs for initial width and height.

ANS( $popup->cmp() );
ANS( essay_cmp() );

Answer Evaluation: The essay answer is graded manually by the professor. Hand grading is done either (1) by clicking on the homework set and clicking the Grade problem link in the rightmost column of the problem list

Essay grading.png
or (2) by clicking on Statistics in

Instructor Tools menu, selecting the homework set, and clicking the Needs grading or Regrade links under the problem number. For more details, please see the initial blog announcement about essay answers.

Note that essay_cmp() is not associated with any object (i.e., it is not $essay->cmp()).

Solution explanation goes here.

COMMENT('MathObject version.');



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