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File Manager Help Page[edit]

The File Manager module will soon replace the File Transfer module. We'll keep both available for the time being.

Locations of files:

Set definition (".def") files
These are stored in the templates directory. To view the format for Set Definition files see Set Definition specification or download set0.def and copy that. Set definition files are mainly useful for transferring set assignments from one course to another. (For example from a calculus course taught the previous year.)They contain a list of problems used and the dates and times. These definitions can be imported into the current course and a set in the current course can be exported to a set definition files.
Class list (".lst") files
The classlist files are stored in the templates directory and provide a convenient way to enter a large number of students into your class. To view the format for ClassList files see ClassList specification or download demoCourse.lst and use it as a model. ClassList files can be prepared using a spreadsheet and then saved as .csv (comma separated variables) text files.
Scoring (".csv") files
The scoring files are stored in the scoring directory and are produced using the "Scoring" module or the scoring command in the "Instructor Tools" module. These files can be downloaded, modified in a spread sheet (for example, add midterm scores) and then uploaded again to the scoring directory to be merged with email messages. (Use a new file name, other than courseName_totals.csv, when uploading to prevent the scoring module from overwriting an uploaded file.) )
Problem template (".pg") files
These provide the template from which are problems are created and are located in the template directory. They can be edited directly using the "edit problem" link on each problem page. The File Manager allows you to upload or download these files so that you can save them on your desktop.
html directory
This directory is accessible from the web. You can use it to store html documents or image documents that are used by the course. Do not store private information in this directory or in any subdirectory.These documents can be pointed to from within problems using the htmlLink macro
templates/email directory
This is where email messages are saved. You can upload or download files in this directory if you wish to save the files for later.
templates/macros directory
Macro (".pl") files containing favorite macros for your course can be stored here. Those being used for many courses should be stored in pg/macros.