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Java Applets should respond when called by these functions

  1. getXML - the applet is asking for an XML description of the applet's state
  2. setXML - the applet is sending an XML description to reset the applet's state
  3. config - the applet is sending an initial configuration for the applet (should we use initialConfiguration or reset?)
  4. isActive - a 1 or "true" response by the applet indicates that the applet is loaded, initialized and ready to go.
  5. debug - set when the applet is called from WW. If debug=1 the WW question is in debug mode and if the applet has the ability to issue extra error messages these should be turned on. If debug=0 then these error messages should be turned off.

POD documentation: Applet.html and The interface is still being developed and so expect minor changes to continue along with significant new features.

Request additional features from the FlashObject working group:

GeoGebra Applet Example:

A comprehensive example of how to construct a GeoGebra applet, include it in a WeBWorK PG file, and have WeBWorK set parameters in the GeoGebra applet is now available in the WeBWorK Problem Techniques authoring section GeoGebra Applets in WeBWorK (as of Nov. 7, 2010)