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Modifying a problem – Changing Text Only

In looking at editing a WebWork problem we start with the easiest case. I have a problem that I like out of the library, and I want to change some of the text of the problem. (The problem may have been written in a context different from my class, so I want to add a hint or provide information.)

I will start with a simple differentiation problem for a fictitious class, Experiment2. The problem is part of the assignment FirstSet.


Note that the problem comes from the Michigan contributions to the Library. I will select “Edit it”


This pulls up a new window with the text of the problem and a warning that the problem file is protected. In order to edit it I need a local copy.


Thus I start by making a local copy. To make things simple I am changing “Library/Michigan/” to “Local/Library/Michigan/” and leaving the rest of the file name the same. (This lets me change back without getting too confused. It also leaves the address string intact if I want to remember where the file came from.)


WebWork lets me know that I have created a copy of the file.


In the text of the problem, I now scroll down through a bunch of comments and other nice things to find the phrase “BEGIN_TEXT”.


Now I simply add in or modify the text. I would like to add in a comment that says this will be a problem checking the product rule. I will want to save the changes and view them. ($BR is a line break. $PAR starts a new paragraph.) ModifyProblemPicture7.png

Since I said I wanted to view in another window, I can see that the problem has been modified as desired.


Back in my problem set, I now change the file for problem 1 to go to my new localized file. Note that I had to save the changes, and the problem is now part of the homework set.